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Zhejiang De’er Yao Science Foodstuff Co., Ltd (Formerly Zhejiang Huangyan science and technology canned factory) was established in 1989, is is located in the hometown of Satsuma - Zhejiang Huangyan, coveres an area of 80 acres, which is specializing in canned fruit deep-processing nearly 30 years. We have been named Zhejiang agricultural products processing demonstration enterprises and Zhejiang agricultural science and technology enterprises, etc We are also the orange canned national standards drafting units. We have invested Anhui Suzhou Science Foodstuff Co., Ltd in Dangshan city, Anhui province which was the most famous of fruit yellow peach all over the world in year 2003, and the factory code is M8. Anhui Suzhou Science Foodstuff Co., Ltd covers an area of 230 acres, with 10 international leading canned fruits and vegetables production line and the annual quantities of canned fruits and vegetables more than 70 thousand tons. In recent years, the average annual tax paid over ten million, the annual exporting volume is more than USD2000,0000.00 (Exported top 50 private enterprises in Anhui province), average annual employment are more than 2000 people, also included more than 120 engineers. 38% of them are College Degree. Our factory also has our own R & D center and testing center, strong technical force. In June of year 2016, our company in order to adapt to its continuous development and to conform to the capital market, decided Zhejiang Huangyan science and technology cannED factory overall restructuring for Zhejiang De’eryao Science Foodstuff Co., Ltd.


Until now, Anhui Suzhou Science Foodstuff Co., Ltd has become a leader of canned fruit and vegetable processing industry in Anhui Province, and was awarded the national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization (The only one in canned fruits industry of Anhui Province), TOP 10 enterprise of China canned foods, deputy director of Chinese canned foods Industry Association, The president unit of canned fruit and vegetable processing industry Chamber of Commerce in Northern Anhui. Top 10 industry enterprise of Suzhou city, the implementation of the 861 project in Anhui province, the quarantine A-class enterprises of CIQ and Chinese customs. Our company own brand “KEJI” was awarded the most famous trademark in Anhui Province, and all our labeled “KEJI” products were rated as Anhui famous brand products and famous exporting brand products of Anhui Province,


Our company has Successively obtained USA FDA, British BRC, Germany IFS, HACCP, social responsibility standard SA8000, KOSHER, the good demonstration farm base EUREP GAP certification and so on, and has become one of the Chinese largest production and sales of canned yellow peach production enterprises.

 Own Farmland

Our company has more than ten thousand mu farmland of raw material yellow peach, mandarin oranges, pear, red bayberry, loquat, grape and many other fruits all over China. the first is soil testing, then to improve the soil, iron, zinc and others in order to reach minerals standards, while preventing heavy metal exceed the standard; The followed is pesticide detection, We strictly controlled pesticide using for raw material,, and combined with food department of many university to protect fruit tree with biological controlling.
The raw materials of “KEJI” brand canned fruits are made from high quality production farmland, Dansgshan yellow peach, Huangyan Sutsuma, Shangyu Jufeng Grape, Mount Huangshan Dahongpao loquat, Xianju waxberry, to make perfect quality canned fruits with the best quality natural fresh ripe fruits.
Selecting the best quality of natural fresh ripe fruits, in every production produce with constant spirit of the craftsman, in order to let our canned products around all over the world delicately and elegantly. this is a tribute to the fruits. Here is the dream factory of seasonal fruits always dedicated to keeping fresh foods away from time flying. preserving the initial flavor, letting the wonderful taste of the tongue, and making the legend of immortality